ChondroFiller Human

Unique technology is based on the isolation of very pure native collagen in order to produce cell-free implants. The product line Chondrofiller is an absorbable collagen implant which serves as a protective cover of the defective zone. Chondrofiller is for the Treatment of clear defeined cartilage defects at different Joints like knee, ankle and shoulder. 

About ChondroFiller:

The cell-free matrix for the treatment of articular cartilage defects

  • Chondrofiller gel is a form stable gel which requires just one minimally invasive surgical procedure (mini arthrotomy) – fast and easy to use.
  • Chondrofiller liquid is an innovative dual chamber syringe made for the application of liquid collagen which coagulates within a few minutes. Implantation can be done arthroscopically.

Product line ChondroFiller

In just one surgical procedure the defect is filled by using a minimally invasive technique or an arthroscopy.

Properties of ChondroFiller

  • no cell culture
  • single surgery
  • custom-fitable
  • easy to use
  • minimal surgery time
  • storable & ready to use off-the-shelf